The research


The overall objective of the project SAFEMEAT is to study and develop different solutions and technological interventions ad-hoc measures to respond in an innovative way, and at the same time economically viable, the need to qualify the production and increase the content of competitive 'entire sector in relation to:

- the food safety of products placed on the market;
- the shelf-life of products (both in terms of duration that control of it);
- the degree of innovativeness of the product (as opposed to changing application that comes as much by market participants that by the consumers themselves);
- the environmental impact associated with the mode of packaging materials;
- the growing need for information on the origin, composition and quality of food products as well as production processes adopted is expressed by market participants (and in particular by the GDO) and by consumers themselves;
- regulatory constraints to be met to gain access to foreign markets.

The research activities planned for the five cornerstones of the project, placing on technological frontier and promoting a strong partnership between enterprises and research organizations, also respond to the strategic objective of a general to promote the technological upgrading of the companies involved, but the the same time to strengthen the competitive ability of the supply chain of industrial processing of meat that is in the regional and national economy plays a strategic role, also in terms of potential penetration of foreign markets, due to the strong appreciation of the typical products of the Italian culinary tradition.